For up-to-date information about COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) visit the WHO and CDC.

With the COVID-19 coronavirus disease spreading so rapidly, it didn’t take us long to realize that we aren’t invincible.

Welcome to our family: Josh, Ashley, Mag, and Ryan. We are now practicing social distancing and we strongly recommend that you do the same to help everyone slow down and stop the spread of the devastating coronavirus disease.

We choose to stay home, safe and away from potential sources of coronavirus until further instructions from the government.

With numerous deaths around the world and COVID-19 wiping out large numbers of the population, the last thing our family wants is to go to overcrowded stores and become infected. And that, only to find empty shelves and come home with nothing but coronavirus. And while everyone can see the deadly impact the coronavirus disease is having, many forget that they can easily become asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 and indirectly kill more vulnerable ones, possibly their family members and friends.

While adhering to social distancing guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic, quarantined or self-isolated, you are probably wondering how to buy common supplies without leaving your home.

We have to admit, it scared us to see empty shelves in stores and hear reports about shortages of common supplies. It is nerve-wracking to see how people are panic-buying everything, causing water and food shortages. On top of that, going outside to the local supermarkets doesn’t help lower the COVID-19 spread. For all these reasons, we choose to stay home, be safe and order our groceries online if possible.

You have probably noticed online craft markets and live Zumba classes on Facebook. Perhaps, you have seen virtual real estate and online museum viewing rooms.

Ggrocery stores and drugstores aren’t an exception in this fight against the invisible Coronavirus enemy.

While many of our readers are familiar with online shopping, some of you are just getting on board. Indeed, it’s time to take advantage of technology and learn how to buy hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and face masks online from the comfort and safety of your home. Be sure to have enough emergency supplies in your quarantine kit, at least a 2-week supply for every family member.

Our friends asked us how we were able to source emergency supplies for our kids, pets, and the whole family. So we made this website to share our experience and sources of common supplies and food that our family buys online.

Please note that numerous household staples have been wiped out. It is possible that quick delivery isn’t an option for many products at the moment, so planning is the key. Be patient and don’t let the panic get you. Plan ahead. Online groceries and websites have been prioritizing essentials for a few weeks already to respond to the high demand. We plan ahead, and our family has enough supplies until our next order can be delivered.

The goal is for everyone to contribute to the world’s quick recovery from COVID-19 by staying home and using online resources where possible.